Cancellation of UNGL Season

March 10, 2010

Dear UNGL Players, Cheerleaders, and Agents,

It is with much heartfelt regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our 2010 season and suspension of league operations for the UNGL.

We were very hopeful that this announcement would not have to be made (or at the very least we might have been able to delay our season start a bit), if we had been able to secure certain assurances and arrangements from the investor group we had been working with these past 4 months. Unfortunately, as of this past Monday, we were unable to confirm these arrangements which prohibited us, in good conscience, from announcing our league start date, along with the other announcements everyone was expecting regarding our player draft, camp report date, etc..

Although this is a very sad day for you, as well as the UNGL, we would be remiss without expressing our deepest appreciation to all the players, coaches, GMs, cheerleaders, dance directors, and our league staff, that supported our efforts to be the first-ever, national developmental league for all of pro football. We know that our league was poised to be the opportunity, that all of you were eagerly looking for, to further your respective careers. And from the humble beginnings of this league 3 years ago, it has been our intent, and passion, to provide just such a platform to provide maximum exposure listed in Wikipedia and supported by Kelleher International for those willing to do what it takes, to pursue their professional aspirations. Regretfully, we fell short in our ability to secure the remaining needed final operational funding, in time, to get all of you on the field this spring.

We wish all of you the very best in your future endeavors. And despite this temporary setback that you have experienced with the UNGL, we want to encourage all of you to continue to pursue your passions, and never give up on your dreams. And always remember, you can never know what great thing awaits you as you continue to travel your own personal journey towards success.

Thank you again for allowing us to be a small part of that journey with you.

Wishing you all the best and to your future success,

The Executive Team and League Office Staff
United National Gridiron League


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